The Life of a Rob: Part 14

Welcome back to Part 14! There was so much going on around the year 2000. Wrestling, ICP, Video Games, my job, driving, alcohol, weed, girls, you name it. Lets continue…

Let me go way back to 5th grade for a minute. Id like to mention the time we went on a field trip. It was several different grades on multiple school busses. We went on a field trip to an Nature Center at Eagle Mountain Lake. I wasnt sure if my Mom would let me go because we were going to stay overnight. So at the age of 10, I forged the permission slip & returned it to Mrs. Sheppard. My Mom actually ended up not minding that I went. I remember riding next to Jason on the bus ride there. Jason kept going on about the damn Goat Man that lived out there. He told me stories about how the Goat man would jump on people’s cars & carry them away to their doom. I wasnt freaked out easily, but that shit freaked me out. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep very much the whole time we were there.

So Jason had me watching my back for the damn Goat Man the whole time. I had fun though. We hiked, & did the zipline, played on a playground, & other nature activities. I remember it being HOT. Kids were getting hurt left & right from nature. It was either scratches from bushes, or falling, or bee stings, or just plain getting beat up from other kids. We slept in bunk beds at night in a big room with a bunch of other kids. All of the boys in big rooms & the girls in separate big rooms. I remember waking up to some kid beating another one up because he pissed the bed on the top bunk bed & supposedly the kid had his first golden shower. Kids would fuck with other kids late into the night. I was wore out from a day of activities & wanted to sleep. All the while I jumped at every little noise so the Goat Man couldn’t get the drop on me. Fuckin Jason dammit…

On the way back to the school I ended up riding with one of my other friends & I think Jason got butthurt about it. I’m sure I was being pulled in 2 different directions about it. They also took us to the Fort Worth Zoo in elementary school. I remember going to a skating rink once on a field trip. Maybe it was some kind of reward for something? We also went to a Rangers Baseball game. I remember returning kind of late in the night. I spent all the money I had on a miniature baseball bat as a souvenir & then destroyed the thing hitting stuff in the backyard with it. Then in Middle School they took me on a “Field trip” that wasnt so much fun. I guess since I was a bad kid in middle school, they took a group of us to a local Prison for a “Scared Straight” type thing.

It remember a small group of us were sat down in a small room & they brought a handful of inmates in. They each stood up told us their stories & tried to scare us into being good kids, else we would end up there. They would really get in the kids faces & yell. Well, anyone that knows me good, knows that I have a kind of uncontrollable chuckle at times. I’ve been compared to Butt-Head a lot. Well I did this like the whole time we were there & them big beef bags got all up in my face spitting. They would full-blown cuss & everything. I honestly wasnt scared a bit. I knew they were going to kick our ass or anything… probably. I didn’t talk crap back from what I remember, but I couldn’t stop chuckling. I just found it funny at the time. Man, that pissed them off.

I remember P.E. in 5th grade too. They took us into a big building & the coach lady would make us do exercises to corny music. It was like we were basically dancing. What kinda sick shit was this lady? I also remember this kid named JT who had a little ducktail in his hair on the back of his head. Well, he was trying to do a cart-wheel to impress some girls only halfway through it, legs in the air, he ripped a fart. A crisp fart that sounded amplified off the Gym walls. The class erupted in laughter. Man I’ll be telling that story to my grandkids. Thanks JT. (If I ever have kids)

Ok, enough flashbacks for now. I remember these things in hindsight all the time. The year was 2000. I had a truck & a job. The successor to the Playstation, the Playstation 2, was due to be released. To be honest, I wasnt impressed at first. It only looked slightly better than the Sega Dreamcast. Later I would realize that it was actually quite a bit stronger & it would have way more games as well as better games for the most part. Bill was all about the PS2. Bill traded everything he had to reserve one & a few games. I didn’t get one until awhile later. I would just go to Bills & play his all that I wanted. He started with games like Dead or Alive, Summoner, Tekken Tag, ect. After playing it for a while & seeing that better quality games were being released, I loved it.

Bill quit his job at the BBQ joint & got a job at Whataburger where his step Mom was a Manager & his brother also worked there. I remember Bill trying to dodge work & hiding from his step Mom who would sometime have to literally force Bill to go to work. Bill once ninja flipped into his closet & made me tell her that I didn’t know where he was. …As I sat there in silence by myself in his room. Bill also got a computer on credit & got dial-up internet. We would download all kind of stuff & around this time I discovered Napster. It would take us hours to load one movie trailer. It was great. Especially when someone would pick the phone up & we would have to start the download over. Bill would get free trials of America Online (AOL). Me & Bills brother would chat with random chicks on AOL messenger.

One time Bills brother convinced me to take him to some chicks house that he had met online. We had been up all night & the sun was coming up. Well, I drive him all the way to this chicks house & were sitting out front. I asked him if he was going to go to the door & he said just wait & sat with me. It was then that I realized the chick didn’t even know that we were coming over. He was trying to scout her out first. Well the lights in the house were on & you could see through multiple windows clearly. We sat there like creepers watching this teenage chick basically get dressed for school. Well of course her Dad would take notice of 2 teenage boys sitting in a truck right outside…

Now you must know at this point, me & Jason had done a custom paint job on my truck. We spray painted the entire truck black & then painted the logo of ICP’s Jeckel brothers album on the hood of my truck. This logo was a huge flaming clown head. I must say the quality was pretty good though. So this random chicks dad sees us creeping & comes out to investigate. Me & Bills brother, who I’ll just call… Bosh… go to arguing as he’s storming up to the truck. He’s telling me to start the truck & go. I’m telling him to just go up there. He’s like fuck no, take off! We arguing & slapping at each other movie style. So I start the truck, put it in drive & this fool presses down on my leg with both hands making me hit the gas & peeling out right in front of this chicks Dad. Bosh had me run him to shifty places numerous times actually. Well, Bosh never got any from that particular chick…

My truck became somewhat known in the area, especially the Saginaw Police. People would stop & comment on it all the time. Especially Juggalos. One day we had a QP (quarter pound) of weed in my glove box & got stopped right outside Bills house. The Cops sat us on the curb & went to searching my truck. As I’m sitting on the curb, I see one Cop open my glove box. I start sweating bullets because I know now I’m going to have to do a little time. Well a few minutes pass & they come back & tell us we can go. Uh… what? how did he not see the QP of marijuana just sitting there in the glove box in wide open. So we get back into my truck. After a few minutes I open my glove box to look & the weed isn’t there. Now, either the Cops took it or Bills bro had somehow caused a disappearing act right in front of my face, hid it & kept it. To this day I lean toward the Cops keeping it. I was mad but relieved at the same damn time…

We had many run ins with Saginaw Police. They knew me by name & knew me by my truck. They pulled us over one day & Jose had a warrant for a traffic ticket. Another day, they pulled us over & Bill almost went to jail. To this day, I don’t know how Bill got out of it. Bill had a warrant for not paying some kind of ticket. They put Bill in cuffs & put him in the back of the Cop car. Then they sat in the car awhile as I waited. Then I see them pull Bill out, take the cuffs off, & the Cop tells us we can go. What the Hell Bill? To this day Bill swears he doesn’t know why they let him go. One night I was driving down a dark windy road too fast. A Police car passed me going the other direction & I saw turn hit his lights on. Well being young, dumb, & full of you know what, I hit the gas… I sped to the nearest cross-road & drift into a hard right hand turn. I quickly pull into a random driveway at a house. The driveway went into their backyard. So I spend into their backyard & hit all the lights. I saw the Cop drive by shining his light everywhere. I had run from the law & succeed. Only… my damn truck was VERY recognizable…

I was notorious for getting speeding tickets. I spent most of my time just working off traffic tickets. I’m surprised my license wasnt suspended. Well since were on the subject of mischief, I suppose Id better get these stories out-of-the-way. Of course I can’t mention anything that would violate anyones privacy so I’ll have to dance carefully around these stories. There was a ghetto black kid that Bubba had brought into our group. He ended up hanging out for years. He lived & was raised in an even worse hood than we lived in. He was all about drugs, alcohol, & stealing shit. The devil on some of our shoulders sometimes really. I would see some of my friends doing pretty good from stealing stuff & so I was eventually corrupted. Some of my friends would have big screen TV’s, computers, good car stereos, had money all the time & whatnot. I wanted these things for free too.

Well this kid, well just nickname him… Blaudo… One night he’s trying to get me to take him to “hit licks cuz”. Blaudo didn’t have a car. Well I could definitely use money I was bored, so I finally gave in. I would first just take Blaudo to steal car stereos. Then I started doing it as well as being the driver. We would drive around & see if people left anything in their front yard that we could pawn or scrap. It was so stupid. But we would steal ladders, lawn mowers, weed eaters, & all manner of stuff out of people’s yards at night. One night some dude let 2 big Pitt Bulls out on us. I was already in the truck this time. I just see Blaudo running up with 2 Pitts in tow. Blaudo hops into the back & we speed off. I learned a lot about how to wire car audio systems up by ripping them out of other people’s cars. Looking back we couldve gotten shot by doing the things we did. Theres stories that I can’t even possibly tell here…

We had an epic couple of days in Saginaw once… I will try to tell it the best I can from what I remember. It was a mess. I remember being at Tostie & Bubbas house (Or was it their Dad Jacks house?) Bubba was talking to Bill on the phone because we planned on picking Bill up to hang out. Well somehow, Bills brother “Bosh” started talking shit to Bubba over the phone. I don’t remember who started it honestly. It couldve been either one. They hung up & Bubba wanted me to get Bosh to come over so Bubba could whoop his ass. I didn’t want to, but somehow they talked me into it. So I go & pick both Bill & Bosh up. I knew it was a bad idea & I did it anyway.

We get back to Bubba’s house. Bubba challenges Bosh & hits him a handful of times. Bosh wont fight back so Bubba stops. Bosh is almost tearing up & claiming that he didn’t fight because he thought we were going to jump him. Even though we assured Bosh numerous times that it was only between him & Bubba. No one was even close to Bosh except Bubba. Bosh had talked shit & didn’t back it up. Anyway, I take Bosh back home. If I remember right, I think Bubba had followed us to Bills house to finish it up where Bosh would feel more comfortable actually fighting. When we arrived at Bills house, we were all outside in Bills yard. A big group of my old North side friends & a group of my Saginaw friends just out in the yard basically arguing & about to fight.

To our surprise, Bosh had ran inside & called the police. The police came to Bills house pretty quick & caught all of us outside arguing & close to boxing. The Cops took Bubba to jail. So I leave with Bill & everyone in my truck. Later that night, me & Jason went to take Bill home. Bosh was outside. Jason & Bosh get in each others face over him calling the Cops. So somehow the Cops get called again. Jason goes to jail this time. At this point Bill doesn’t want to stay at his house because he’s getting shit from his family over it. So Bill comes back with us for a bit.

So even later that night I finally convince Bill to go home & for good for the night. Blaudo was now with us. Me, Bill, & this chick that we were hanging out with were in the front seat of my truck. I’ll just call the chick… Bashley. Blaudo rode in the back truck bed. I pull up to let Bill out & Bosh just had to come up to the truck. All of a sudden I see Blaudo leap from the truck bed with a Superman punch to Bosh’s face that knocked him down to his knees. I still remember the sound Bosh made when it connected. Blaudo commenced to whipping the living shit out of Bosh. So I hop out of the truck & pull Blaudo off of Bosh. Bosh runs inside with his face busted up & I think crying. Blaudo is steady talking shit. I get Blaudo in the truck bed & Bill is trying to hop back in the truck cab with us again. I yelled at Bill to go in his fucking house & that I wasnt taking him back with us again tonight. Later, I learned that some of Bills family was sitting in a car outside incognito, smoking, & watching the whole thing go down.

So Me, Blaudo, & Bashley speed off before the cops could get there yet again. Sure enough, Bosh had went inside to immediately call the Police. Well, I get about 3 blocks away, a cop speeds up to us, & hits his lights. I stop the truck. He walks up & greets me by name. Blaudo is in the back with his knuckles busted up & bleeding. He had punched the concrete several times at one point swinging down at Bosh. Not to mention Blaudo had been drinking all afternoon. We all had a little bit to drink. It was an eventful day. So the Police put Blaudo in handcuffs. Theyre desperately trying to find a reason to take me to jail. I get off with only a traffic ticket. At this point I was ok with that.

I took Bashley home & went home myself. Well Bosh ended up getting into a fight with Bill over hanging out with us. Bosh hit Bill & Bill called the cops on his ass. Bosh went to jail. After everyone got out of jail finally, they told me stories about how they filled the cells up & talked shit to Bosh by yelling through the walls the whole time they were in there. In my opinion this whole thing was over Bosh running his mouth & it just escalated. At the time, we were not the motherfuckers that you could run your mouth to. We were ghetto raised, crazy teenagers, that did not give a single fuck. Most of us didn’t fear death or anything for that matter. Later that week this whole incident somehow made it into the Saginaw newspaper/newsletter according to Bill. So yeah, the Police knew my truck & Bills house very well. This isn’t counting the other time that cops had to go there.

Well ive talked about all of the law breaking I think that I care too. See ya next time! 


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